About Ellwood

Founded in 1910 and still privately held, Ellwood is a growth oriented company with ten separate business units. All of its business units are non-union and have a strong focus towards safety, quality and reliability. It’s capabilities include, steel melting, mill products, open die forgings, closed die forgings, grey & ductile iron castings, heat treatment, testing and machining.

Why Closed Die Forgings?

Closed Die Forgings offer superior strength to castings, while also offering weight savings and less machining compared to most open die forging processes, both of which result in a lower net cost. The strength of Closed Die Forgings comes from the resulting grain structure refinement and flow, which often follows the contour of the part. Closed Die Forgings are the perfect choice for your critical applications where safety, strength, reduced weight and optimal performance are “must have” attributes. Closed Die Forgings are used extensively throughout Aerospace, Military, Power Generation, Automotive, Off Road Vehicle, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries.


〉Safety First

〉One Stop Source for Forging, Heat Treatment, Testing and Machining

〉Privately Held Since 1910

〉American Made

〉On Time Delivery

〉Continuous Improvement Mindset

〉Non-Union Facilities

〉Flexible Workforce

〉Computer Controlled Equipment