Our Markets

Ellwood Closed Die Group offer complete solutions for all your Forging, Machining, heat treating and welding needs, some of our targeted markets are as follow:

Oil & Gas

We offer the oil and gas industry a wide selection of standard and custom forgings from tri-cone drill bits to small valve bodies to large sub sea valves.


Automotive & Heavy Truck

We create highly configured automotive, heavy truck and off-road vehicle components with mechanical press lines and hammers.

Power Generation

We produce forgings used in a wide cross section of power generation applications in steels, stainless steels and nickel alloys like turbine wheels and more.


We produce critical components for our nation’s defense needs. Some of the parts include tank breech components, missile warheads and more.


Mining and Construction

We produce a variety of products for the mining industry for surface and under ground mining equipment.


We produce a wide variety of products supporting the aerospace industry. It is our wide range of capabilities that allow us to produce critical components.


ECDG forges components that go into a variety of industrial applications that are used in the steel making industry and various manufacturing capacities.