September 15, 2016 News

Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota LLC commissions 16,000 Ton Screw Press

At the heart of the complex is a touch screen computer controlled 16,000 ton screw press with the capability to vary the delivered energy from 5% to 100% based on the forging design parameters. Housed in a brand new 38,000 sq. ft. building with two 50T overhead cranes, the press is supported by a 2-hammer Rotary Forge with 7” capacity, 1,800 ton trim press, electric atmosphere controlled and ambient air gas fired furnaces, robotic material moving equipment, a 1,250 pound maximum billet weight, and a cycle rate of less than one minute. This combination of equipment and capability results in a state of the art complex with the capability to forge up to 15,000 pounds of steel per hour. Screw PressMaterials forged will include carbon, alloy, stainless, nickel and titanium. This new complex is truly a force to be recognized.

Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota is one of two closed die forging companies owned by the Ellwood Group Inc., headquartered in Ellwood City, PA. It is a one-stop source for closed die forgings for the aerospace, construction, defense, oil & gas, power generation, heavy truck, and industrial markets. In addition to the 16,000 Ton Screw Press, a computer controlled 80 Meter-ton Counter Blow Hammer and a computer controlled 11,000 Ton Multi-ram Hydraulic Press form the heart of the group’s forging capabilities which it uses along with conventional hammers, smaller hydraulic presses and mechanical presses to forge near net closed die forgings out of carbon, alloy, stainless, nickel and titanium. Each forge facility also has in- house die sinking, cutting, heat treatment, testing and machining capabilities. Both forging facilities possess AS9100C, ISO9001:2008 and Nadcap certifications.

Ellwood Group Inc. is a privately held growth oriented company since 1910. All of its business units are non-union and have a strong focus on safety, quality and reliability.