August 10, 2016 News

ETFN Completes First 15-5PH flap-track forgings for 737 Program

ETFN Completes First 15-5PH flap-track forgings

On July 19, 2016, Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota, LLC (ETFN) made its first production shipment of 15-5PH flap-track forgings for the 737 program to The Boeing Company Portland (Oregon) fabrication facility. flap-track forgings Ellwood and The Boeing Company had concluded negotiations on a new multi-year contract in May of 2015, and shortly thereafter began the qualification processes and testing required, ultimately resulting in the successful production of the flap track forgings.   ETFN looks forward to a long term relationship with Boeing, exploring new opportunities across all airplane programs.

About Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota, LLC

ETFN is one of two closed die forging companies owned by Ellwood Group Inc., headquartered in Ellwood City, PA.  Located in southeast Texas, ETFN uses conventional hammers, computer controlled counter blow hammers and computer controlled presses to manufacture near net closed die forgings out of carbon, alloy, stainless and titanium.  ETFN also has in-house die sinking, cutting, heat treatment, testing and machining capabilities.

Ellwood Group Inc. is a privately held growth oriented company with nine separate business units.  All of its business units are non-union and have a strong focus on quality, safety and reliability.